• Fruit Modena Group
    Fruit Modena Group Passion for daily work enhances the goodness of our produce
  • Common Aim
    Common Aim When a group joins forces to reach a common goal, then you can achieve the impossible
  • Sustainable by nature...
    Sustainable by nature... ...this is how we create perfect harmony between man and the environment
  • Unique Value
    Unique Value The value of our produce carries the Fruit Modena Group name high across Europe

Other products




A historic crop
In the fruit growing area of Fruit Modena Group there are apple orchards too.




The icing on the cake
A broad range of varieties of this species is still widespread in the eastern part of the Fruit Modena Group growing area.

Processing tomatoes.



Partner of Excellence
a sector that recently expanded and is mainly linked to the stylehistoric producers of the group.

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Fruit Modena Group

- Internationalization

We have chosen to promote local agricultural resources in order to achieve the best results from our land and distribute our produce around the world: we expand our shared horizons while remaining tied to the traditions of our local area.

- Technology and Innovation

Create an agricultural system based on the passion of the producer for the land, technological innovation and skill in managing international markets in order to ensure freshness, genuineness and goodness for consumers all over the world.